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Work Skirts


Work Skirts and women’s skirt suits are primarily defined by their fabrication – wool, twill, a synthetic blend, etc.  They will be made out of a material that is crisp, clean and hopefully retain its shape when being worn throughout the day.  Color is another factor to consider in work skirts.  A turquoise twill pencil skirt is decided more casual and makes an altogether different statement than the navy wool gabardine straight skirt.  Work skirts and women’s skirt suits are best in the Professional Attire neutrals – black, navy, charcoal, and espresso.  And the occasional bright, pop of color or print in a work skirt is great for a casual Friday.

Work Skirts can come in a variety of shapes and lengths – pencil skirt, a-line skirt, straight skirt, full pleated skirt, even tulip and perhaps bubble skirt.  Silhouette is a fun thing to consider when creating your work skirt wardrobe.  If you prefer mostly black in your wardrobe, pursue various silhouettes in your skirts, all the while staying in the color black. 

The final thing to consider when choosing work skirts is the fit.  In order to anchor the skirt on your wiast so it doesn't twist and turn on you all day, be sure it is snug at the waist.  Then the ideal fit would glide over teh bottom and hips - pencil skirts should only cup the bottom if you work in a pretty creative field.  The hem of your skirt also depends on your work environment, but generally the highest is at the top of the knee. 

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