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What Body Type am I


You're probably wondering at some point "What body type am I?"  The best way to identify your body type is to stand in front of a mirror in form fitting clothes and analyze your silhouette from the front.  Check how your hip width compares to your shoulder width (bust measurement is not applicable).  Check whether you have a defined waistline.  It might not be as easy as you'd like, so if you get stuck, ask a trusted, non-judgmental friend!

Body Type - Clothes

Very fashionable women always dress according to their body type. Despite seasonal trends and the styles you are naturally drawn toward, that which you choose to wear needs to be flattering for your shape.  For example, if you are top heavy, a fringed peasant blouse will only make the top look heavier, and is a look that should be avoided for you.

In today’s fashion world and personal style culture, there are 5 main body types:

  • Pear –the width of your shoulders is smaller than the width of your hips.  Usually paired with a long waist, and thus the rear-end and tops of thighs carry weight.

  • Hourglass – well-proportioned with a shapely bust and bottom with a defined waist.

  • Rectangle – shoulders and hips are similar in width, with a relatively straight line going from shoulders to hip.  Usually lean and without a waist curve.

  • Apple – shoulders and hips are proportional, yet there is a little bit of extra around the middle. Typically the apple body type has slim legs and a flat-ish bottom.

  • Inverted Triangle – when the width of your shoulders is wider than the width of your hips.   Lots of our RE’s (Really Endowed) are inverted Triangles.


We typically see our clients choosing the following silhouette types according to body types:

Although we've designed the silhouette types to fit all body types, oftentimes shoppers find one they like the best.  Our most popoular Silhouette Type is Urban Fit.  After reading about what body type clothes are best for you, and answering your what body type am I question you should be ready to start shopping! Visit our Silhouette Types page and Clothes for Hourglass Figure page and then head on over to the shopping pages.  We can’t wait for you to look your best in whatever body type you are!

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