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Wardrobe Essentials


When choosing your business clothes, consider the following areas:

  • What is the uniform of your industry? 

  • Is there a female leader in your organization whose fashion choices you admire?

  •  Where are you expressing your creative/personal style?  Let’s unleash it in accessories:  jewelry, bags, shoes, not clothes.

  •  Are your pieces neatly tailored to your body’s specific quirks and assets?  Make sure there is enough fabric to cover all parts (breasts and thighs namely) and provide ease, drape, not pulling.

When starting a career, these are some good basic wardrobe essentials to invest in, regardless of industry:

  • Navy pantsuit (or skirtsuit if more flattering on you).  Theory, Classique Entier by Nordstrom, and Banana Republic are good fits.

  • Dark blazer in one of the corporate neutrals:  black, charcoal, chocolate, navy (don’t let navy be both your go-to suit and jacket).  Pinstripes are a wonderful way to veer from plain and stay professional.

  • Cardigan is a perfect business casual piece. 

  • Button-down shirts, or other woven blouse.  For tucking-in, or can still look smart and put-together when worn un-tucked.  To be worn un-tucked the shirt needs to have a shaped hem.

  • Layering pieces – these take shape in the form of shells, camisoles, t-shirts, etc.  Pieces that stretch your more statement making outer-wear. 

These wardrobe essentials are just a place for you to get started with your work business clothes. It’s always fun to put your own personal style into your business clothes, as well. For tips on that, check out our Crisp White Shirts.


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