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Professional Dress Clothes


Professional dress clothes and professional attire are available at every price point, thankfully.  Armed with a strong understanding of what works on your body shape and knowledge of the wardrobe staples that will give you maximum wear, you can engineer a wonderful professional dress closet.  The goal is to have a closet that only contains clothes you love to wear, and clothes that make you feel fantastic.  When going to work each day in your professional attire, we want to feel powerful!

When heading out to compile your collection of professional dress clothes, choose the following first:

Color – which color(s) will be your foundation?  Black, navy, espresso, or charcoal?  Thos are the neutral foundational colors of professional dress clothes.

Silhouette – which silhouette works best for you?  You may only look good in pants, or you may look and feel your best in a sheath dress.  Pre-determine the silhouettes that work for you so shopping is simplified.

Under layer – this applies to tops.  Can you do button-downs, blouses or knit shells?  When wearing button-downs, does a waist seam Flatter Your Figure?

Accessories – the fun part of dressing in professional attire.  This is where your personal style comes into play.  Shoes, bags, jewelry can be the color and design of your choice!  

We recommend separates mainly for professional dress clothes so you can mix and match to achieve a solid two week rotation of outfits.  Now you know how to dress in professional attire, visit our Clothes Not to Wear page for some tips on what is not appropriate in the office!

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