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Interview Attire


Interview Clothes for Women in business employment opportunities.

  1. A dark, two-piece skirt suit, in gray, navy or black is your best option for interview attire when interviewing with a conservative company. Wear solid colors such as white, cream, or pale blue blouses. Avoid pastels, bright colors, or multi colored or patterned shirts or fashion choices that appear too trendy, flashy or sporty.  For a more casual industry, tailored slacks and a blouse or a skirt and a blouse with a complimentary jacket or sweater is an appropriate option. If the company or industry is known for its casual work environment, you may choose to tailor down without looking too casual. The key is to think in terms of "three pieces" and it's always better to be overdressed than under dressed when it comes to interview attire.
  2. A white tailored shirt is an executive staple for all business appointments as well as interview clothes for women.  Stockings may or may not be optional. While some young women see hosiery as old-fashioned, it is still a smart idea to include this in your interview outfit if you are not sure of the corporate dress policy. Tights have made great strides and are much more comfortable and fashionable than in the past. Select a sheer or nude and avoid textured, patterned or colored hosiery. Remember, conservative is Not trendy.
  3. Choose a closed-toe, conservative pump that is no more hat 3 inches high. Regardless of the current shoe trends, a shoe worn during a job interview should be professional and understated. The exception is when you are applying for a creative position or a position in the fashion industry and your appearance must reflect the current fashion.

These are just some tips on interview clothes for women. If you’re looking for some more interview attire ideas, get started at the Professional Wardrobe Staples page today! 

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