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How to Properly Fit a Bra

Bra sizing definitely gets crazy when passing D cup territory with a band size 28-38.  The chart below is organized by country of origin, but bra sizing is brand specific, style specific, and is greatly affected by the materials used.
For example, a seamless t-shirt bra will fit differently than a three part seamed balcony cup.  And a bra cup that has stretch in it (to give a more rounded shape) will accommodate more breast tissue.  Manufacturers that don’t do ‘double cups’ tend to run larger in the cup.
It is best to try on bras with a qualified bra fitter.

Bra Sizing Chart

Wacoal Chantelle Eveden, Panache, Fayreform Prima Donna Empreinte
  F/G FF F/G G
H H GG G/H  
It is best to try on bras with a qualified bra fitter.

Remember bra sizing is relative, just as in apparel there is no industry standard being used.  You’ll have to try on several different bra sizes and cup styles to find the one best for you.

It is best to try on bras with a qualified fitter.  Is the subliminal messaging working?

How To Measure For A Bra

Do you want to measure yourself for a bra?  Throw away your tape measure.  Do you want to measure yourself for a Carissa Rose shirt?  Use your tape measure.
Bravissimo, the best store in the UK, founder Sarah Tremellen is quoted as saying, "using a measuring tape on big boobs is like using a ruler to measure a glass of milk".  A good fitter can glance at your body and guess your bra size accurately within one size.  They are anointed.
Go to a store that has brands listed above in the bra sizing chart, and better yet go to a store listed on our bra stores page.  Using your current bra as an indicator, pull various band sizes to try:  the one you are wearing now, smaller and smaller.
NOTE:  with each band size decrease, the cup must increase to accommodate the volume in the cup.  For example if you wear 34DD bra into the store, pull off the rack 34DD, 32E, and 30F (do not be surprised if your typical lingerie store doesn’t have a 30 bra band in stock, tightening the back band is an easy adjustment).
   1. We start with the bra band because it is the MOST IMPORTANT.  Keep trying them on until you get one that is snug and feels anchored just below where the bottom of your cups sit in the front of your body.
   2. Then go on to the letter of the cup.  Don’t be afraid of trying a size you didn’t even know existed, or a size you may have mocked earlier in your life.  Identify and fit your larger breast, everyone has one breast larger than the other, rather than the smaller one.
   3. Tighten the bra straps to bring the cups into the right position on your chest.  This is the hardest part to do if you’re alone in finding the right bra.  You’ll have to take the bra off, tighten them (tighten the bra strap on the side of the bigger breast a bit more than the strap on the smaller breast to bring them evenly in line) and put it back on.
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