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Fashion Tips for Different Body Types

First of all, regardless of body type, every woman could use fashion advice on how to find the best fitting bra for her body type.  Small busted, full busted what have you – the best fitting bra for your body type is imperative, as it can create curves, manage curves, or simply contour them.
Another piece of fashion advice is - likewise nip in the waist with fitted jackets, dresses and shirts.  Women remain their smallest just under the bust, at the high waist.  Find the hem length that gives you the longest leg.  In a skirt it may be right at the top of the knee or a full length wide leg pant that hovers just above the floor.  Here is a listing of fashion tips for different body types:
  • Stay away from boxy, straight cut styles
  • Emphasize the waist with darts, seams and nipping.
  • Can actually wear boxy styles and still be flattered.
  • Often a rectangle has a nice flat stomach – use that to your advantage.
Inverted Triangle (often termed Apple):
  • Slim the top and enhance the bottom
  • Wear tops that hit at your natural shoulder line and have a high armhole to separate the bust from the torso area.
Triangle (Pear):
  • Bring attention up to the neck/shoulder/bust area while skimming the hip curve.
  • And by all means, if you have slim and toned arms, show them off whenever appropriate.
This is just a place for you to get started, feel free to check out our
page for more fashion advice and fashion tips for different body types!
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