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Clothes for Hour Glass Shapes


Bustlines & Body Types

Being well endowed, or having a bra cup that is above a D, doesn’t indicate one’s body type.  One is not automatically an hourglass if they have a full bust.  Body shape is determined by the skeleton, mostly the relationship of the shoulders to the hips, then considering the waist.  Usually breast size is a secondary factor to consider.

The Hourglass Figure

An hourglass figure has shoulders & hips that are equal in girth, with a defined waistline and usually a moderate to full bust.  All body types can sport large breasts.  An inverted triangle whose shoulders are larger than her hips is a typical shape to have large breasts.  Even a rectangle, a figure that has equal shoulders and hips, but no defined waist can also have a full bustline.  What used to be called a pear shape body, now termed the triangle shape with shoulders more narrow than her hipline also can carry a natural, full bustline.
A key thing to consider in dressing the best for your body type is proportion, the length of your proportions.  Is the torso short?  Is the torso long?  Is the bustline high or low on the body?  One could be short waisted, have a high bustline, but from the waist (which is high remember) to the crotch is a couple of feet long (OK slight exaggeration).  That is not a long torso or waist, but rather a long crotch.   That sounds exciting doesn’t it?  We see it all the time.
Having a high bustline and being petite makes the neckline a tricky fit as most will appear too deep and show some cleavage or bra or just be inappropriate for work.
Whatever your body shape is, embrace it and dress the best for it.  When fitting a shirt start at the top and go down.  Neckline, shoulders, bust darts, side seams, waist darts, and finally hem.  The more structured the shirt potentially the harder it is to alter.  For example a collared shirt is more complex to raise the neckline than a non-collared shirt.
Carissa Rose Clothing flatters all figures and body types.  Hourglass, triangle, rectangle and inverted triangle look fantastic wearing our streamlined and sculpted styles that have room in the bust yet nip in at the waist.
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