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Business Casual Attire


Business casual attire is a well misunderstood category of dress for the American woman.  The business casual dress code is often seen in the eyes of management as a source of reward to the work force, a benefit or perk.  It is intended to be a highly attractive perk for the layer of workforce that does not have the expectation of wearing suits or full business attire for regular, ongoing, important meetings in which they represent their company’s interest.

How a person dresses on Business Casual Attire days is a perfect opportunity for a woman to allow herself to be seen as set-apart, and of the class in which the "more important" employees, typically non-hourly, management level would be seen, by merely wearing higher end, appeal clothing. 

Carissa Rose is a line that can easily transition from full, regular business day to comfortable business casual attire.  It feels comfortable due to the finely chosen fabrics with a small amount of stretch at the same time retaining their crisp feel, enduring style and empowered tailoring.  Ladies, if you want some style ideas for your business casual dress code, take a look in our Career Wardrobe and get started shopping!

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