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Bra Fitting Tips



1. Warning sign:  As you wear your bra throughout the day, does the band ride up, higher than the base of the bra cups?  If you don’t know, go right now and look in the mirror to see where the band of the bra is on your back.
Solution:    We want the band tight enough to anchor just below the cups on the front of the body.  It will rise a bit as you wear it so it becomes equal with the bottom of the cups in the front.
2. Warning sign:  Do the wires in the center front sit away from the body, oftentimes creating un-intentional cleavage?  Or the wires under the arms dig in to your skin?
Solution:    To get the wires to lay flat against the breast bone the cup has to be deep enough to encompass all of your breast tissue.  Often a deeper cup also takes away the under arm poking.  Sometimes under the arm dig-in is solved with a tighter back band to bring the wire lower, out of the arm pit.  Sometimes the wire needs to be backed in felt and a tailor can do that simply.
3. Warning sign:  Bra straps fall down.  A myriad of reasons for this, but the most common for large breasts are that one or both shoulders slope, or the bra strap is too loose.
Solution:    again, a snug back band will bring the shoulder straps into right position on the back, preventing them from slipping.  Re-adjust the bra straps to make them tighter (shorten the strap on the larger breast side more to bring it level to the smaller breast), but not too tight that they pull the back band up.



Warning sign:  quad boob.  Put on a tight knit t-shirt and take a good long look at yourself in the mirror, or better yet ask your most honest friend.  Do you have a lumpy bust silhouette?
Solution: bigger bra cup.  You’re breast runneth over its cup, literally.  Size up in the cup, for example from D to DD/E, not the band.
Warning sign:  "I just look bigger than I am, both my breasts and my waist.  My body looks large because my breasts are large".
Solution:    Try a three piece seamed bra instead of a t-shirt bra.  Look especially for a bra with a side seam that will bring the breast tissue to the front, away from the side of your body, creating a slimmer waistline.

These are also excellent fitters of the full bust. If there is a smidgen of a chance you need a bra update, visit one of our stockists.
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