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Body Types


There are four main body types:

1)      Hourglass – curvy

2)      Triangle (Pear)

3)      Rectangle – straight

4)      Inverted Triangle (shoulders wider than hips)

Identifying which of the body type shapes you fit into is merely a starting point.  You will also benefit from further analysis of body types. 

A secondary body type is probably present

Most women have a tendency toward two body type shapes, with one being dominant.  For example, you could be an hourglass with a high, not so small waistline, in which case you would tend towards a rectangle.

Body types often change over time

Naturally, as we mature, things shift, but occasionally weight loss or gain can alter your body type more rapidly, as can having several children closely spaced.  As our bodies change, many women of all body types seek out body shapers in order to feel more confident and address one of 3 key issues:

  • Fitting into a smaller size garment

  • Creating a smooth, hard-body look; erases evidence of cellulite or other soft skin tissue

  • Confidence and support to allow better overall body type shapes and strong structure

Body shapers have a distinct place and women of different body type shapes have opinions about the use of shapers.   Carissa Rose has shirts and dresses to fit the curves of a woman in two distinctly different shape contours in order to compliment a woman of varying sizes and body types, thus alleviating the need for a shaper to be worn.  If you’re wondering what your body shape is, take a look at our Body Shape Calculator page and find out!
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