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Body Shape Calculator


Our body shape calculator is based on what you observe while standing forward in front of a mirror, either in your skivvies or leotard/legging like clothes.  Rather than use specific measurements to calculate your body shape, take into account your body’s silhouette, the outline the shape makes. 
  • Shoulders and hips (almost) same size
  • Dramatic indentation (> 6") at waistline
  • Tend to gain weight all over your body, especially hip and chest area.
  • E.g. 32-26-33, 33-27-35, 36-30-38. 
  • Shoulders, hips, waist almost same size.
  • Very little indentation at waist.
Triangle (Pear): 
  • Larger lower bodies and smaller upper bodies.
  • Shoulders narrower than hips (commonly found in women).
  • Tend to gain weight below your waist.
  • Flat stomachs.
Inverted Triangle:
  • Wider shoulders than hips.
  • Bigger on the top half of their bodies than on the bottom half.
  • Slim hips and a large chest.
  • Tend to gain weight above the hipline.
This body shape calculator is not about weight – being skinny or plus size, it is about proportion and distribution of weight.  Once you calculate your body shape, you are armed with an increased knowledge of how to balance your body to create that long and lean look.  The perfect body is an anomaly; very few women are actually born that way.  Dressing well is the art of using fashion as an illusion to balance your body shape.  Our Fashion Tips for Different Body Types page has more tips on dressing for your body shape!
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