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Best Jeans for My Body Type


Jeans for different body shapes are popping up in the marketplace freeing women to look as good as they feel in their all American jean dress and answering the question "What are the best jeans for my body type?"  Joe’s Jeans, Levi CurveID, Diesel, LEE are just a few examples of jeans for body type.  Finally, fashion design that is meeting the wearer, exactly where they are at, not where they would like to be or where they should be. 

The first step is to understand customized fits are based on the individual, rather than on mass groupings (ie: petite, tall, low-rise, high-rise, etc). It is also based on proportions rather than size.  Proportions mean the distance between curves and the measurement of the curve itself.  The process only takes a couple of minutes and can be done in store on line (self serve option).  The process entails taking vital measurements, incorporating personal preferences in style and wear.  These factors allow the different jean options to be formulated.  These factors will produce suggestions based on the proportions of the woman’s shape. 

Jeans for the different body shapes have revolutionized the fashion marketplace and helped answer the question "what are the best jeans for my body type?"  They have brought what is an American staple to the place of comfort and relieved the work of finding a good fit, comfort and strong style presentation out of a woman's shopping experience.  The Carissa Rose line has a goal to empower women through fashion, finding jeans for body type is just one way we do that.  Carissa Rose has adopted similar strategy in finding jeans for the different body shapes, for shirts and dresses.  The line is designed to fit the all important shape and curves of the upper body, through woven tops and dresses that are made to add empowerment to any woman's life.  These tops and dresses can be worn in business or even with the jeans for body type.  Our Fashion Tips for Different Body Types page has some more ideas for what to wear for yor specific body type!  

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